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Company Profile

A small consultancy firm offering software development services covering the full development lifecycle. Hands On has highly qualified and experienced consultants. We can also offer recruitment services for finding temporary and permanent IT staff.

Areas of Expertise

Hands On offers complementary skills in web design, backend software and database systems and internet commerce and security.
Geographical Information Systems
Experience developing, customizing and supporting GIS software for customers including Ordnance Survey, GIS Saudi Arabia and SDS Ltd.
Data modelling and database programming skills over a number of commercial database systems, both object-oriented and relational.
Software engineering
Hands On's consultants are well-grounded in object-oriented design techniques and development best practices. Skills in a multitude of programming languages, including Visual C#.NET, Visual Basic, Java, Perl, Javascript, HTML, etc., backed up by industry standard professional qualifications.

Consultancy Services

Hands On provides consultants for software development, either on site or for out-sourced projects. It also provides project management, requirements analysis and remedial consultancy. There is extensive teaching experience in the the company: we can provide training both on site and at external facilities.

The company is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider, a member of the Professional Contractors Group and its consultants also hold Sun Certified Programmer qualifications.

Java Microsoft certified solutions developer Professional Contractors Group

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